Know Thy Customer – The 1st Step of Every Online Marketing Strategy

In the first episode of Digital Brunch, we talk about the important of knowing where you stand with your customers, knowing the exact place you currently occupy in your customer’s mind, knowing what the market thinks about you and what your position is and also what the position of your competitors is.

In digital marketing, it is pretty easy to get some insights through some of the free tools that Facebook and Google provide:

Facebook Audience Insights – Shows you information about the people who like a certain brand on Facebook. If you look at these insights for the people who like a certain brand that is similar to yours, you may find interesting insights that can prove useful in the way you build your product or service or in the way you promote your product or service. You may find here brands that the people who like your brand also like or similar interests. It is one of the most in-depth tools you can use to find out insights about your target audience.

Google Trends – Shows you the search trends for certain brands or keywords and it also shows you the geographic areas where there are the most searches for that particular keyword or brand. You can use it as a brand research tool as the number of direct searches on Google for a certain brand is usually proportional with the number of people who know that brand. So Google Trends will show you the brand uplift, the offline campaigns that performed well historically and also will show you how your brand’s top of mind awareness compares to that of another brand.

Google Ads Keyword Planner – The most in-depth keyword tool from Google shows you the exact number of searches for a certain keyword in a limited period of time and their seasonality. It also shows you the exact way in which people searched for a certain product or service or brand and similar searches to the keyword you are interested in . You can get here amazing insights on what your audience is searching for related to your product, service or brand and with some empathy you can guess more information regarding the search intent behind every keyword.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console – Once the visitors gets on your website, you should definitely use Google Analytics and the Audience Reports here to study more information about who they are and what their main interests are. You can find out here demographic information about them, but also the type of websites they visit (Affinity Reports), the things they are looking for on Google (In-Market Segments), the audience segments that convert the most, the browsers and devices they use.

I will be back soon with a whole article on tools. Stay tuned!

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