10 SEO Specialists to Follow in 2019

If I would get a penny for every time someone asked me to recommend some good SEO specialists to follow – specialists that would offer hands-on tactics, #NoBull**** and updated and relevant information. Here I am on Sunday afternoon getting asked the same question by a dear friends and feeling sorry that I never had the time to put together an article with these 10 recommendations. So I decided to act now and make this article happen, because at GPeC SUMMIT we bring you some of the best SEO and digital marketing specialists in the world and I am sorry that we can’t bring the same people every year. That’s how good some of them are.

So, just as a disclaimer, I am basing this personal top 10 on the level of applicability I found in their SEO advice sharing over the years by following their blogs and social media profiles. I am very open to hearing your thoughts and recommendations.

1. Brian DeanBacklinko Blog

Maybe not the SEO specialist some of you would expect to see at the top of the list, but definitely my favorite resource in terms of updated SEO content and strategies. His definitive SEO guides are definitively the best, his talks are bold and Brian Dean is definitely one SEO specialists you should keep your eyes on.

2. Cyrus ShepardZyppy SEO blog & MOZ blog

I met Cyrus at GPeC SUMMIT 2 years ago and I must say a bonus is that he is also an awesome person. I have been a fan of his work at MOZ and his articles for years now and I found his talk at GPeC SUMMIT highly applicable.

3. Marcus Tandler

I was following Marcus Tandler for a while but I really became a fan after his talk at GPeC SUMMIT. He delivers highly applicable content and explains it very well.

4. Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is simply everywhere. There is no SEO conference where Aleyda is not one of the speakers. She specialises in international SEO and has some amazing content on this topic. Also on her Twitter profile she offers insightful pieces of SEO information.

5. Wil Reynolds

Wil is an amazing speaker. Something like an SEO Comedian & great expert 2-in-1. I love his speeches and also the content he shares online because they are full of actionable data and case studies. “Show me your data” is one thing he insists on and this is the amazing part with Wil – he generally refers to practical experience and tactics and he has a #NoBull**** approach that I relate to a lot.

6. Danny Sullivan 

Danny Sullivan works for Google and writes for SearchEngineLand, which is my #1 resource in SEO. If you follow Danny on Twitter you will simply get the latest news and trends in SEO and not only. He shares the most relevant and recent information.

7. Rand FishkinSparkToro

OK, I am sure you knew this already. Rand is the founder of MOZ and he has amazing hands-on insights in SEO. MOZ is definitely the resource to follow in terms of SEO. He now founder SparkToro and writes on the SparkToro blog and can also be found at industry events. Yes, you should definitely follow Rand. And although it has almost nothing to do with SEO, his book on entrepreneurship “Lost and Founder” is simply amazing and a must-read for everyone.

8. Jono Alderson

Part of the Yoast team, Jono Alderson is a great speaker, always offering nice insights in SEO and digital marketing. His approach is creative, but the insights he provides and simple and hands-on. Definitely one to follow.

9. Andy DrinkwateriQSEO

Andy gives some amazing hands-on SEO tips on Twitter. He has extensive 20+ years experience in SEO and he has a lot of practical tips for technical SEO.

10. Hannah Thorpe 

Hannah is more about content marketing for SEO, keyword research and speaks at digital marketing events often. She also writes on the Found agency blog and has some hands-on tactics she offers.

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